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Did somebody mention candles?

There is nothing better than walking into a lovely smelling room. Maybe i'm exaggerating, but i'm sure most of you will agree that candle scents + dully lit room + laptop = bliss. So here I present to you my candle wish list. 

Yankee candles (1) are my guilty pleasure. Owning more than my fair share I think i'm more than qualified to say that they smell amazing and have a great burning time. Is there any harm in wanting a few more? The Next candle holder (2) is just adorable, I love the look of wood on white too as my bedroom is mostly white. I'm pretty sure that the Diptyque candle (2) speaks for itself, i've yet to lay my hands on one, but when I do... it'll be a great time in my life. I'm pretty sure the world and their mum has the Ikea Candle holder (4) as their make-up brush holder, but i'd quite enjoy it as a candle holder too! Zara home is amazing and their Zara candles (5) are no different. Everything just looks so classy! I'm a huge fan of typography, in every sense of the word, (did you see what i did there? ;] ) so when I saw the LOVE Candle holder (6) it was obviously true love. And last, but my no means least, Green and Co Candles (7) always catch my eye because their lovely and unique packaging, I'd be too afraid to even burn this!

What are your favourite candles? Do you have any you've been meaning to try?

Benefit Interview Process (eughk!)

When I applied for the job I was searching long and hard to see what to expect but barely found anything with the exception of a few blog posts. This was my first (and only) try at dabbling my hand in the world of Makeup Artistry and I though this post may be useful if you're ever thinking about applying for Benefit in the future, or just enjoy a good story- because trust me.. this may not be what you're expecting.

I guess I should start from the very beginning. Whilst on a hunt for a part time job, among many other retail stores, I handed my CV into the Benefit beauty counter in Debenhams. I did not expect to hear anything back, being the Politics/Economics student that I am and having no experience in make-up at all, but surprisingly this was the only one I did hear back from. I was in the gym at the time (back when... I actually went to the gym) halfway through a 30 minuet run on the treadmill when the lady from Benefit phoned me.

Round 1 - The Phone Interivew
So after the immediate panic I switched off the treadmill and answed the phone (before catching my breath properly!) This was about 3 weeks after i'd applied and like i said, i wasn't expecting a call, so this completely threw me off guard. She told me that i'd got through to the phone interview stage then proceeded to ask me 100 questions. (Where I basically kissed Benefits ass.) 'What do you like best about Benefit?' .. 'The high quality make-up and retro packaging.. of course!' 'If a customer said... how would you respond?' If you're worrying about the phone interview, I really wouldn't. It's super easy and as long as you do have a genuine passion for makeup and have dabbled your hand at some Benefit products you'll be fine! After an awkward silence she told me I was through to the next stage, the 'audition.'

Make-up Wish List

For a lot of beauty junkies, these make-up picks are staples in their collection. I don't own too many higher end make-up products, though I definitely want to dabble with some more in the near future. If you've got any recommendations i'd love to hear about them! Here is a little collaboration of products on my wish list at the moment.

Have you tried any of these? I'm really interested to hear what you think about them!
P.s, £36 for a Tom Ford lipstick? Never gonna happen!

My weekend at the Lake District

So after being picked up at Harrogate station at 10.30 in the morning, and still feeling half asleep from the 4-hour train journey from London, I assumed stepping into my boyfriends car we'd be heading straight back to his house (and that a long nap would follow!) Little did I know, we were en route to the Lake District for a pre-christmas weekend away. Eek.

I'm terrible with surprises, so when my phone was confiscated (and the bloody passcode changed) my brain went frantic thinking about where the hell we could be going. After a 3 hour car journey which consisted of me asking about 100 questions (are we there yet? are we close?) we finally arrived at literally the most beautiful place i've ever seen. We stayed in the cosiest bed and breakfast known to man kind which was perfectly topped off by complementary coffee and shortbread biscuits. Despite the poor weather, waking up too late for breakfast and broken champagne flutes (oops..) it was easily the loveliest weekend ever. Lots of brownie points for my lovely boyfriend!

I wish I'd have taken more photos, but I did manage to salvage a few. Here are a few photos from our little adventure in the Lake District. (Please do yourself a favour Lucy and invest in a new camera soon...)