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How do you feel about flowery headbands?

From the top; £2.50, £2, £2 - All from Primark.

You can tell me the truth, I won't be offended, how do you feel about flowery headbands? The thought of my hair being slicked back off my face with a headband isn't the most appealing image in my head, but i've come to the realisation that whilst on holiday hair probably won't be my highest priority, and these flowery headbands seem to have made a speedy appearance in my shopping basket.

I can't decide whether they're cool and florence-and-the-machine-esque or whether they'll just look a bit silly in my hair. I bought these in the shop and my mum was adamant that I should wear them round my forehead, that's never going to happen. 

Let me know how you feel about these discussion posts as i'm really keen to do more.
Would you wear these headbands, or are they just an item to look at? How would you style them up?


  1. Thanks for comment on my blog lovely :) the second one down is so cute! X

    Olivia - cravemorebeauty.blogspot.co.uk

  2. ahh i love flower head bands.. but i am the same too, I don't know wether they would suit me or if I would just look like an idiot in them. I may try one out with wavy/curly hair & see what my boyfriend says as he never fails to be honest ha!


    Latest bikini post includes flower headbands, please look if you like :) x

  3. They're so cute! I love the idea of them and I'm sure you'll pull them off. They're great for a summery-girly look.. I might have to try some too :)



  4. I love that middle one! I think it'd look good to 'dress up' a messy bun (to the extent a messy bun can be dressed up to) haha. Very pretty! xo

    Holly | http://touchofcrimson.blogspot.co.uk/

  5. Oh my gosh I've totally fallen for the flower headband trend! :) So pretty and girly!


  6. I think their lovely and cute, but not something to wear around in public all the time, more for photo-shoots or parties. But I think after a certain age they should not be worn, I can understand little girls but after ones mid-20s, it should be put away.

  7. I like them for festivals or holiday but not for everyday wear. I am a bit more minimal but a toned down version is perfect for me !


  8. I like the idea of them, but I'm all too concerned that they'll look like I had a mis-hap in a florist!

    They are beautiful though!


  9. So cute! xx

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  10. I love floral headbands, but I find that they only really work in my hair if my hair if full of volume that day. I like them with the messy curly boho hair. I bet they will look lovely on your holiday xx

    Danielle || Miss Sunshine & Sparkle